• Juni Okuda
  • Joe Rock
  • Hana Okuda


  • Joe & Juni's Apartment, Boise, Idaho

I recently heard about something called a “virtual Drill”, and it is what Juni describes here: one Drill weekend where you just stay home and finish all your computer courses for the year at once. It actually sounds like a really good idea, although I hope they don’t mind if I work in my pajamas, don’t shave, and shower probably around noon-ish. In other words, a normal weekend.

So Juni will stay home and take care of her niece while Joe slogs through a regular weekend Drill. He’ll have to get up and buttcrack-of-dawn hours, wear his uniform all day, and wait hours before lunch, hoping no one hears his increasingly restless stomach rumbling around 10:30. Meanwhile, Juni can get up when she wants, sip coffee, maybe watch a couple cartoons with her niece, and work at her own pace.

I don’t know if these “virtual Drills” will catch on, because I’m sure there’s a Sergeant-Major out there, somewhere, that would have an aneurysm if there were no troops around to assign meaningless chores to.

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