• SFC Douglas Dawg
  • SGM Corbett


  • Sergeants-Majors Academy, Ft. Bliss, Texas

I always thought that this might be a good idea for those constant online courses– if you pass it one year, you are exempt from having to take it the next year. That way you only have to do these things every other year, as long as you are on top of your game. There should be some sort of reward system for it, after all.

I’m sure there are people in the chain of command that would find fault with it; the most likely pushback that comes to my mind would be the notion that half your squad has to do mandatory training while the other half passed it last year and they are currently exempt… that might be a factor for courses taken in person but for the at-home courses it would not be a factor and may even provide some relief from the feeling of always having “homework assignments” for the military.

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