• Joe Rock
  • Juni Okuda
  • Philip Albright


  • Flying M Coffee House, Boise, Idaho

Well, look at that– an extended comic today! Why? I don’t know; I started putting this one together awhile ago and I just needed a bigger canvas for it. It happens from time to time– a larger than normal comic. And one of the most common stories we contemplate amongst ourselves seems to be to ask “what would you do if..?” We love to put ourselves in the footprints of others –in time, in circumstance– and ponder whether we would be their equals.

The problem with that question is that a lot of our notions about the past aren’t, in fact, formed by knowledge of the past but by our modern interpretation of the past through our pop culture. So what we see is the version that is “sanitized” or “cool” or with the boring & unsanitary bits pared down. Still, as long as our dreams and high-minded notion remain just dreams and notions, we can wonder what we would do in a situation and hopefully expect ourselves to rise to our best intentions– without the burden of doubt.

And –high-minded philosophizing aside– I realized as I was drawing this that Joe Rock dreams of fighting Nazis, while those around him dream of partying.

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