GI Combat poster 2My apologies– this has happened once before, when my scanner wouldn’t talk to my computer. At least that time I was able to get a black & white copy of the comic up in time. When I finally got the scanner and computer to coordinate properly, it was just too close to the wire– I didn’t have sufficient time to do the scan, clean-up, lettering and coloring. It is half-colored, and of course I didn’t save a black & white version that would have done in a pinch. I thought I could get the color finished quickly enough, but alas… Needless to say, since I have a birthday coming up soon, I’m going to ask for a scanner that was made in this century– one that I won’t have to shovel coal into, eh?

Anyhow, since I won’t leave people in the lurch, I’ll at least put up this satire copy of the DC Comics “G.I. Combat” comic book, which was one of the inspirations for my comic. Please enjoy this humble offering in place of the regular comic, which will be up on Monday according to the regular schedule. Have a good weekend!

And someone tell me what I can do with all this blasted coal.