• 1LT William MacGregor
  • 2LT Mirav Mizrachi
  • Hakim Mansoori
  • SPC Philip Albright
  • SPC Wendy Two-Feathers
  • Sadie
  • Butter
  • Special Guest Star: Dick Cheney


  • Al-Tiny'a Village, Iraq

And so we have the big reveal! I hope no one minded the Scooby-Doo art style there at the end– it just seemed so appropriate!

The Military Working Dogs, Butter and Sadie, made an appearance again. An Anniversary special isn’t right without at least one of them making an appearance. In real life, both of these dogs were rescue shelter pups, so if you can find a “pound puppy” for adoption out there, give a good dog a home.

This wraps up the 2-year Anniversary Special, and I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving in the States, and for those reading outside the US, I hope everyone is having a restful time to contemplate the good things we have in life.

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