• SGT Joe Rock
  • PV2 Carlos Alvarez


  • 213th BN, Gowen Field, Boise, ID.
  • Overland Rd., Boise

I’m surprised I lasted this long before using “traffic & driving’ jokes. But I’ve had some for quite awhile– trust me, driving in Idaho, you get a lot of traffic jokes stocked up. We all have those roads we drive on where the lights seem to be working against you every time you drive; the road here known as “Overland” seems to be one of those, at least for me. If you hit one red light, you’re hitting every red light after that… and always when I’m on the way to weekend Drill. It seems that the pressure of one single leaf is enough to trip the light.

As for the art, I screwed up some of the perspective. Not just in a little way, too… It seems that whenever someone asks a group of webcomickers what’s the hardest part of making a webcomic, they’ll say things like “getting noticed” or “building an audience”, or “sticking to a schedule”. All these things are true, but for me, it’s having the ability to work un-interrupted. I like to focus and concentrate, and I lose myself in time. When I get a lot of interruptions, I break my mental contact with what I’m doing and when I come back I’ve forgotten my sense of perspective… and I am too impatient to make up for lost time to work to re-acquire it. So I guess “time discipline” and “not being impatient” factor in for me, too.


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