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  • The Catacombs of the Sergeants-Majors Academy

I’ve been looking forward to this one for awhile. People may remember that just over a year ago I introduced the “Good Idea Fairy” as a result of Second Lieutenants summoning a way to “earn respect beyond their rank” with the help of a Ouija board. The Devil freed the Good Idea Fairy, so now whenever her wisdom is needed, she is summoned. Usually, Sergeants-Major or Second Lieutenants are her favorites, since these two ranks are the wellsprings of most of the “good ideas” that permeate the Army today. I presume it is similar in the other branches.

I originally had the robes of the Sergeants-Major designed to look like ordinary monk robes, with a rope for a belt… but then I thought “of course they would have Reflective PT Belts instead!” So now they have reflective belts.

As for the Good Idea Fairy herself, there are reasons why she looks the way she does. The horse skull, the wings, the PT belt… there are reasons for all of them, and I will explain them someday. I will probably let my Patreon subscribers know first; meanwhile I am considering using the Pentagram of Good Idea Fairy Summoning to make a poster or T-shirt if people are interested. I need to start making some swag!

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