• CW3 Ben McCoby
  • Good Idea Fairy


  • 213th BN Motor Pool, Gowen Firled, Boise, Idaho

The HEMMT –Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck– is frequently pronounced “Hemmet”. It is a heavy-lifting workhorse that has excellent cross-country mobility (for a heavy cargo truck). I’ve ridden in them as a passenger and they are quite comfortable as military vehicles go.

No doubt many have speculated on what it would be like to turn one into a kick-ass off-road RV, maybe by matching a Winnebago motor home with the HEMMT. I have to admit, if the HEMMT could be stripped down to the chassis and basics, then rebuilt with a purpose-designed RV body, it would probably be a marketable RV for serious adventurers. Of course, it would probably cost a small fortune as well as an arm, a leg, a kidney and your first born, but… oh, the places you’d go…

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