18 JUN:
Okay, I tried to avoid it; I tried to work around it– but I have lost access to a scanner (long story) and I am scrambling to find alternatives. I may have one, but I gained access to it too late to apply color to today’s comic. Sorry! But rather than miss a deadline, I decided to forge ahead with black & white and computones. Besides, this particular comic can still work with black & white. I should have time to do Friday’s in color, though.

Anyhow, the poop trucks. Yes, we had local Iraqi nationals contracted to handle our porta-pot sanitation. Hey, these guys needed jobs. But, man, were they proud of their poop trucks! Maybe because it was their primary source of income… but we’re talking sound systems, nice rims, upholstery, and all sorts of flags and shiny things hanging from the roof inside the cab. They wanted everyone to know that the poop trucks were coming.

While we just shook our heads at the ostentatious decoration of the poop trucks, we really appreciated the service they provided– and came to miss them sorely as the days dragged on without sanitation service.

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