Reflection from April 2016:

At this point during the webcomic’s life, my poor skills at web design and upkeep were beginning to show. I really didn’t know how to optimize the things WordPress offered and I also didn’t really have the time needed to really explore, experiment, and learn. My day job had been piling up with a lot of new workload and associated stresses, and my Army Reserve unit was coming up on an intense cycle of schools and annual training. All these things together put me in the frame of mind to just suspend comic operations for a couple weeks until I could sort some things out.

Eventually, the website did graduate to the newer, better layout that you see now. The previous site was creaky and fragile, and every so often would crash, which ate into my diminishing free time and added a lot of stress. I hated doing it at the time, since even a short hiatus can put a comic in a death spiral, but looking back this ended up being one of the best decisions I’d made about the comic.

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