I’m getting caught up with some comics and came back from an early Annual Training to find that not only have I exhausted my “buffer” of finished comics just as I get back, but I also have a new Patreon supporter! I’ll be designing a character to be introduced soon AND get caught up on my next round of comics. This was actually a good place to pause.

Meanwhile, if you are eager to see what’s going over at Patreon, there’s a ton of stuff going on at all levels of support! Most of my Patreon page is full of pre-timed releases through the month of February and there’s over months and months of stuff there to look through— including some of my earliest comics from when I was a wee young’un back in Junior High school; the first book of a 1990’s science-fiction action comic I did, a vast sea of goofy doodles I do when I am in classes or being forced to listen to guest speakers drone on and on, and more.

Check it out and I’ll see you again next week! https://www.patreon.com/Coyote

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