Just a quick announcement– this weekend I had a “perfect storm” of things happens… some personal (family medical stuff), some job related (take too long to explain without context), and a Drill weekend with a lot of moving parts. I wasn’t able to get any headway on the next comic but it is coming.
One of the things that has taken up a lot of my time recently is getting ready to print a book! My first BOHICA Blues book, which will be a compiled collection of my comics so far, plus a page of commentary for each chapter.
Above is the cover for the first book, “BOHICA Blues: Mobilized!” which will be the first comics up to the Battalion going to the airport in Milwaukee, when most of the mo on to Iraq and a few (including Joe Rock) go to Fort Bliss for additional training.
The book will be for sale soon and some of the people on select Patreon plans will get it as a perk for their membership!
(Further details available at the Patereon site here: https://www.patreon.com/Coyote)
Anyhow, here’s a “sneak peek” that I hope whets the appetite, and more details (and comics) to come. Regular comics will resume on on Thursday as regularly scheduled.
Take care!

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