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Hello Again!

Today we look at Patreon ranks “Private” and “Specialist”. In the “Private” rank I load a bunch of my oddball doodles and silly art that fill volumes and volumes of notepads around my house. Many of these doodles eventually become full-fledged comics featured in BOHICA Blues, while others just never really go anywhere. Doodles for me are a chance to experiment with the odd and unusual– I’ll draw “extreme” people as exercises: extreme skinny or extreme fat, extreme age or mutated, or other stylized images to practice new ideas.

The “Specialist” rank brings access to the original “BOHICA Blues Downrange!” series of comics that were the original comics made while I was in Iraq. Most of these get turned into full-color webcomics, with changes, but some do not. The “Specialist” rank is your opportunity to see these classics still raw from the ballpoint pen.

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