So, today we look at Oatreon Rewards at the “Sergeant” and “Platoon Sergeant” level.

The “Sergeant” level of rewards has a lot of advantages. There, you can see some really classic stuff– old comics I did as a developing young comic artist in the larval stage. I can’t say it was fine literature; in fact most of it is pretty juvenile and silly… but that’s the point! I have (so far) loaded two old comics up in their entirety, things that will never be seen anywhere else. I have many, many more yet to come– things guaranteed to turn your minds into Pop-Tart filling once seen. This was the germination of my comic-creating life, and a peek into my sort of damaged mind.

The “Platoon Sergeant” level of Patronage brings a really special treat: the FUTURE! As a Platoon Sergeant you will have the opportunity to see future projects I am working on, both near-term and short-term. One future project I have cooking up is a return/reboot to a science-fiction action adventure comic I did in the 1990’s, with some changes, and the first 4 chapters of that project –never published anywhere else– have been revealed to my Platoon Sergeant subscriber ranks! The first chapter was 100% completed, the second chapter was 90% done, the third chapter was about 50% done and the fourth chapter was mostly just rough sketches and some dialogue. But all 4 have been posted and what is seen will very closely mirror the final project once I finish with some art tweaks and a bit of minor writing changes.

Other projects include ongoing local comic projects that will be released soon, as well as my own personal projects such as a high fantasy comic in the works and potentially an alt-history 1920’s tale.

Join the Patreon Battalion today and see these terrifying, bewildering, and magnificent works!

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